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Discover with your private local guide Cinque Terre, The Poets' Gulf , the tuscan coast!

We are a group of AUTHORIZED Cinque Terre tour guides and hiking guides that , since 1998 has chosen this career as our primary profession because we love our amazing land and its wild , hostile appearance After many years of experience ,we 've brought together a specific preparation of university d...

Maurizio Vatteroni fotografo

Make unforgetable your holiday with Maurizio Vatteroni photo shots

Indelible memories

Maurizio Vatteroni is a professional photographer since 1983, â€...

Yellowcat: Tour gulf poets and cinque terre

Safe and confortable catamaran, full shade, no wind

the service,you can make an appointment in a short time and allows customers to fully enjoy the day by being able to choose the times to visit the beauties place of the Gulf of Spezia and the cinque terre with fast movements....
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